Aarni Vaarnamo


A dual channel video installation in FLOW-festival, Helsinki, Finland, 2015.


A video installation in the Free Art Space Exhibition “Relatively closed systems” in Helsinki, Finland, April 2015.
Timelapse footage shot in Japan on Fuji reversal 35mm still films with a half frame 35mm camera.


A slide-projector installation about the last remaining things after the end of society. Pyhtää art fair 2015.


"Metsähallitus" / "Finland devours his son" (Techniques of Delusion at Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, 2016)

“Metsähallitus” / “Finland devours his son” (Techniques of Delusion at Helsinki Exhibition Laboratory, 2016)


"Matrimonia" exhibition (2014)

“Matrimonia” multichannel video installation (Helsinki Exhibition Laboratory 2014)

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